India’s GDP (Gas Diesel Petrol) is rising sharply

India’s GDP (Gas Diesel Petrol) is rising sharply

It seems that India’s GDP (Gas Diesel Petrol) rate is rising to reach real ‘ Achhe Din ‘ as the day-dream presented by the Modi government after coming to the power at their first term. Cooking gas (LPG) prices rose again. The price has risen again in just two weeks. In Kolkata, the price of an unsubsidised 14.2 kg cylinder has gone up by another Rs 25.00. As a result, the price of gas has exceeded the limit of Rs 900.00 from today.

The middle class will spend Rs 911.00 from their pockets for gas cylinders which is not at all comforting as a result of the price increase. In this way, the livelihood of the common people has come to a standstill due to the epidemic. The prices of things around a common man are also out of control. As the price of gas goes up further, the general middle class is naturally seeing mustard flowers in their eyes. There is no pause in the continuous rise in prices.

Petrol and diesel prices are already skyrocketing. Petrol has crossed the century. Diesel is also selling at prices above Rs 90.00 a litre. As a result of the price hike, petrol pumps went on strike on August 31, 2021. In the meantime, the cooking gas is now touching thousands. The price of cooking gas has risen by Rs 328 since December last year. The price of cooking gas also increased by Rs 25.00 for three consecutive months. There are no signs of a decrease.

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