Tweaking of pregnancy test — the latest trend in our society

Tweaking of pregnancy test

The first pregnancy test at home is generally a step full of nervousness, anxiety, and suspicion regarding the result of positive or negative. Dr. Scott Sullivan, Director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina told that there are various different reasons for individuals to get worried about pregnancy. He told in a statement that women either really want to be pregnant, or afraid of being conceived, or in any case, they have medical problems — there are a number of motivations like these. So, for them, it is important to know the result as early as possible.

Over-the-counter pee tests like ‘Clearblue’, promote about as ahead of schedule as five or six days prior to a lady’s normal period. Yet, holding up until the period is really missed renders more perfect results as per ‘Planned Parenthood’. Earlier results may ignite the doubt as being a false result.

In our modern society, we are observing today a new practice which is absolutely sweeping the community pages of various websites is named ‘Tweaking’. In different parenting forums, women are posting pictures of their pregnancy tests that are negative. They are assuming that somebody can edit their picture with ‘Adobe Photoshop’ skill and make the faint second pink line prominent to confirm positive in pregnancy.

This pregnancy test ‘hack’ is uniting gatherings of ladies who originate from an assortment of foundations however are commonly making a decent attempt to conceive. Some of them have youngsters, some are yearning desire for their first baby, some others have had miscarriages and are seeking a child. However the procedure is not accurate science, it is giving a ton of ladies trust.

On the other hand, while an early test could be changed to demonstrate a positive, there could be various reasons why that second line appears to show up. It could be a colour run, an indent, additional pixels from unforgiving altering, or all the more devastatingly, it could really be certain and convey to light a ‘chemical pregnancy’. ‘Chemical Pregnancy’ is an early miscarriage coming about because of a ‘fertilized egg failing to survive’. Generally, these cases go undetected without tweaking. So, Clients are encouraged to take a later test to affirm changed positive results.

Originally published at on July 26, 2015.

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