Why does paralysis happen to a person?

Why does paralysis happen to a person?

Paralysis is a disease where the strength and control over a muscle or group of muscles in parts of the body are lost. This problem happens due to the inactiveness of the connective tissues and nerves that bring signals for the muscle to move.

There are two types of nerves by which we can move our organs and limbs at our will. These are called sensory nerves and motor nerves. The Sensory nerves carry signals from the parts of our body into the brain. And the Motor nerves carry signals from the brain to various parts of the body (muscles, skin, glands, etc.). These two systems carry their signals with the help of various neurons through the spinal cord.

Paralysis is classified on how much of the body is affected:

Monoplegia — In this case, paralysis affects one limb of the body only, like one arm or one leg.

Hemiplegia — It affects one side of the body. It affects the leg and arm either the left or the right side of the body.

Diplegia — In this type of paralysis, the same area on both sides of the body gets affected. Such as both the arms or both sides of the face.

Paraplegia — This type of paralysis affects both legs and sometimes it affects various parts of the trunk.

Quadriplegia — In quadriplegia, both the arms and both the legs get affected. Sometimes the entire area starting from the neck to downwards gets affected. The function of the heart, lungs, and other organs may also be affected by this type of paralysis.

Paralysis has medicine and treatment in the field of Allopathy, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda. If it is properly treated at the right time, it gets cured. Otherwise, the paralyzed patient spends his whole life with a half-dead body only. There may be a curvature formed in the paralyzed part of the body.

Astrological analysis on the causes of paralysis

If we take an astrological view on this, all the planets are the rulers of some disease or the other. Each planet has a department of many diseases. Similarly, if we analyze the cause of paralysis in a horoscope, we can see that if Saturn has a corrupt effect on Mercury and if the sixth house, the lord of the sixth house is also corrupted by Saturn, then there is a case of paralysis.

The longevity of an individual is governed by the 8th house of a horoscope. Saturn also indicates the longevity of an individual. If the planet Saturn is present strong in the 8th house or the 8th house of an individual is aspected by this planet, the individual gets a long life.

The 8th house is defined as the house of death and the 6th house is defined as the house of disease. As we know that the planet Mercury is the significator of several diseases like — nervous system disorder, tension, depression, anxiety, other neurological problems, etc. When the planet Mercury gets afflicted by malefic planets, or gets debilitated, or situated in the 6th house or 8th house, and at the same time, if the lord of Ascendant is also afflicted or debilitated, the native gets affected by paralysis.

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